Yoga in Schools

As people become more aware of the benefits of yoga for themselves they begin to ask if it is also beneficial for their children.   As children spend much of their waking time at school the question then gets asked - Can yoga work in with the school and if so how and what are the benefits.

Epona Yoga is the only school who is accredited within the insurance industry to teach teachers how to teach yoga to children.  Epona Yoga teachers go through a program where they learn to teach children of all ages how to breath, move and meditate in a fun, open, relaxed atmosphere.

Yoga can be incorporated into any school routine as they learn about their bodies, their mind and their well being.   Yoga teaches each person something different, as we learn we all of unique talents, so we all learn and take away from each experience something different.

Incorporating yoga into the classroom brings fun and laughter as well as many other benefits such as -

  • learning to listen and respect ourselves and others
  • learning to laugh at ourselves as we develop self esteem
  • bring a healthy balance of body and mind and then maintaining it
  • improve posture as each yoga practice increases flexibility, strength and balance
  • developing a foundation that physical activity can lead to relaxation of self
  • calming the Nervous system through correct breathing
  • learning ways to reduce stress and bring a sense of calm to all situations
  • understanding and learning to relax and bring quietness to the body and mind
  • by balancing and bringing calmness to the brain learning receptivity increases, with an increase concentration
  • brings creativity to life increasing the joy in learning

Much research has been done here in Australia as well as overseas about the benefits of incorporating yoga into schools.

Australian Research

ADHD is a common diagnoses of many children who attend school.  Here is a research paper compiled by the University of Sydney.  The research found that with regular practice of yoga boys diagnosed with ADHD improved their impulse control by 35%. 

Click here to read the report on ADHD  

Australian Research - ADHD and Yoga Australian Research - ADHD and Yoga (137 KB)

Epona Yoga in Schools In Australia

Epona Yoga teachers have been teaching in many schools in the Wheatbelt district of Western Australia.  Here is what some of the teachers and children have had to say.

My daughter B, has been participating in a weekly yoga session with the school nurse Meg Melvin, as part of a year 1 class activity. Bridie has loved her yoga experience. She comes home and demonstrates the latest poses,and I often catch her practicing them throughout the day. I have noticed she has made significant improvement in balance and flexibility. I'm thrilled she has had this opportunity to benefit from the yoga program.
S. D.
Mother of B.H.P.S year 1 student / Speech therapist

My year 6/7 students have participated in Yoga sessions in both an introductory manner in 2009 and intensive sessions this term.
Collectively this group of 29 students has taken significant amounts of time to settle and remain focussed. Following the yoga sessions the following are positive, observable behaviours –

  1. Come into class and settle quickly to the task at hand following yoga sessions.
  2. Independently use breathing techniques to relax during NAPLAN testing
  3. Total involvement in yoga sessions
  4. Positive attitude toward sessions
  5. Desire to become leaders in sessions and willingness to prepare for these sessions in their own time.
  6. An understanding of how breathing can assist in positive decision making.

I am grateful to Meg for running these sessions and highly recommend them to other upper primary teachers.
Barbara Stace Year 6/7 Teacher B.H.P.S

A testimonial from a year 7 student at B.H.P.S
"At school we have been doing yoga. I have found it quite relaxing and I have enjoyed it heaps. I found the Yoga breathing very helpful during tests at school."
Dainah M.S.

A testimonial from a year 7 student at B.H.P.S
"Yoga is great! It's a great exercise to do in the morning. It helps you get through the day and it's a great thing to do."
Wyatt C

YOGA in Schools Overseas

In 1978 a lady by the name of Micheline Flak founded RYE - Research on Yoga In Education.  You can read more about her work here

Here is an article from the USA discussing how schools across the country are incorporating yoga into their Phys Ed program.
Click here for the article

Yoga lessons enhance fitness, focus, and school success. Yoga lessons enhance fitness, focus, and school success (20 KB)

Its Academic this article talks about how schools are creating Stress Free Zones through the playful use of Yoga poses.

Schools Create a Stress Free Zone Schools Create a Stress Free Zone (245 KB)

How to bring Yoga into Your School

Epona Yoga offers 2 options for bringing Yoga into your school.

Option 1
Contact one of our great teachers to come and teach classes within your school.  To find your closest teacher Click Here

Option 2
Have one or more of your staff become certified Epona Yoga Facilitators.  We have many programs that may suit your school.  Contact us for more details.  Email Us