The Program

Epona Yoga is a comprehensive and interactive Children's Yoga Program that makes yoga super fun for kids and children with special needs.

Go on a journey and explore the magical benefits that yoga and meditation has to offer with Sunni Sunflower, Tula Turtle, Rafferty Rooster and Mali Monkey, all of whom you and your child will fall in love with.

The Epona Yoga program has been developed to aid a child's development in all areas of their wellbeing. The book, the DVD and the mat were designed to be used together or individually. All of them encourage their users (child and adult alike) to find their own sense of balance, an awareness of their body and fun as they move through each pose. Debra has worked with teachers, mothers, psychologists and musicians to ensure The Epona Yoga Program meets the needs of every child, we also offer a program to cater for the special child.

Use Epona Yoga at home, in the park, after school care, by teachers, in kindergarten and with children with special needs, just to name a few.

Epona Yoga Mat

(available in Dark Green, Hot Pink, Deep Yellow, Red, Sand)

The Epona Yoga Mat details each series of poses visually in front of the child making it simpler for children to interpret where they need to put their limbs to achieve the pose.The Epona Yoga Mat provides a visual reference for each of the poses which the child is performing. This alone makes the Epona Yoga Mat a valuable tool in assisting them in mastering this new skill.

60 minute+ DVD

The stories come alive with colourful animation where each character takes you through their own yoga series. It also features 8 songs created by Educators and Child Psychologists to bring awareness of mind body and spirit to your child

Costumes and more are currently being developed


The book details each characters stories, meditation and chakra sounds. At the end of each series there is a detailed description for each pose listing the benefits, steps to teach it and any cautions relating to the pose. Great for teachers and parents and can be used as a reference tool.

5% of the profits from the sale of the Epona Yoga product range is proudly donated to Camp Quality.
Putting the laughter back into the lives of children living with cancer.
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