Our Vision For The Future

Many people have provided support and inspiration throughout my life.My aim is to achieve results with the Epona Yoga Program that enable me to share with the children of this world how important they are for its future. That the ideas they have can also be an inspiration tomany people.

It is when we show an attitude of gratitude that more flows to us. In addition to the 5% of our profits that are provided to Camp Quality,we have created a series of goals to enable us to share the success ofEpona Yoga in a tangible way with children and communities around the world. This support includes providing access to international mentoring, participation in youth programs and financial assistance insetting up businesses.

I would love to hear any further ideas and would love to recognise any child throughout the world for their contributions whether entrepreneurially or any other gift of inspiration. We will display these achievements on our website and include as many stories as we can into our monthly newsletter. Please email us at yoga@eponayoga.com.

If you are involved with a corporation and would like to assist inputting these programs together or support in anyway please contact usat yoga@eponayoga.com.

Please read more about the specific targets and goals that encapsulate Our Vision.

Our Vision
By Debra McCormick