More About Us

Epona Yoga is the creation of Australia’s only Chopra Centre Certified Ayurvedic Master, Debra Mc Cormick, who has over 17 years experience working one on one with children and people from all walks of life.

Debra has been working with children with Camp Quality and other children’s organisations for over 17 years, providing one on one care, organising activities and mentoring.

In creating Epona Yoga Debra is fulfilling a dream, to bring the teachings and practice of Yoga to children, assisting them to connect their bodies and minds using a fun and educational system which will promote healthy activity and joy.

"Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit and is offered all around the world with many people participating, using it as a way to reduce and relieve the stresses that accumulate day by day as well as to increase strength, flexibility and a way to assist us in reconnecting with our own divinity.

The benefits of yoga are not limited to adults it can also be very helpful for children. Yoga helps them relax, gain self confidence, increase creativity, learn acceptance of themselves and others to name just a few. Physically it helps with co ordination, body awareness, flexibility, balance and strength.

Teachers and parents alike notice that children who practice yoga have a sense of calmness and are able to concentrate better, in and out of school.

Welcome to the world of Epona Yoga where Sunni Sunflower, Tula Turtle, Rafferty Rooster and Mali Monkey will take your child on a magical journey".

Debra McCormick Founder
Epona Yoga