Meditation aims to guide us in the quietening of the mind. To be and to know the inner calm and stillness that exists within us all. It is not linked to any particular religion and can be started at any age.

Meditation has many physical and mental benefits. The benefits of meditation are not limited to adults, children alike are able to reap the rewards of this practice.

Benefits of Meditation at School

When classroom teachers use meditations they find that children are more co operative and able to resolve conflict without interference quicker. Both children and teachers report that the classroom environment is more peaceful and inviting.

The children I have taught meditation to say they have used some of the breathing techniques to reduce stress before and during exams. Children report being able to help people around them be calmer and feel happier within.

Benefits of Meditation at Home

At home parents notice how their child tends to be calmer, resolve problems easier and enjoy an increase in self esteem and awareness of others.

When parents and children meditate together they find a togetherness that is rarely found in any other method. Both the parent and child develop a spiritual growth together, transforming together in their learning – both are teachers and students of each other.

Research has found that meditating with older children can bridge the emotional distance that can develop between a parent and child. For younger children, the process might be able to ward off the onset of child rebellion and build strong connections between families.

Overall Benefits of Meditation for Children

From the website: Project Meditation - Meditation for Children

  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety
  • Reduction in the Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder
  • A Calmer Sense of Being
  • Ability to Sleep on a Regular Schedule
  • Reduced Aggression
  • A Sense of Relaxation, self awareness & tranquillity
  • An Improvement in Concentration and creativity
  • An increase in focus and memory
  • A Healthier Mind and Body
  • A Lower Risk of Possible Future Health Problems

Practicing meditation for children on a regular basis (even just a few minutes per day) will have great effects for both you and your children.

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By Debra McCormick