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Panda Bear in China

Time: 8.58 min
Date - 5 October 2010

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China is seen variously as an ancient civilization extending over a large area in East Asia, a nation and/or a multinational entity.

China is one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations.

Panda Bears

What do they look like?
They are not very big bears. Their fur is mostly white. They have black fur on their ears, on the back and legs and around the eyes.

Where do they live?
Giant pandas live only in some mountains in China.

What are their habits?
Most of the time Giant pandas live alone.

They have to spend a lot of time eating to get enough goodness from their food.

What do Giant pandas eat?
They eat only bamboo leaves and sticks.

They eat lots of bamboo every day.

They have a special bump on their hands to help them hold the bamboo stalks.  

Life cycle     
A panda cub is very tiny when it is born. The mother holds it in one paw close to her chest.
(taken from website - http://www.kidcyber.com.au/topics/bearstoo.htm)

Some customs believe we have an animal called a totem animal that stays with us through life.

Like in the movie the Golden Compass. The Panda, as a totem animal, has a unique ability to tap into higher knowledge.

Panda medicine is a wonderful teacher for soul development.

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Rocket to Salamandar Mountain with Elar's

Dedicated to Tamika and Xavier Bank WA
Time: 13.13 min
Date - 23 September 2010

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This Kids meditation goes on a journey in their personal rocket ship to a place in a far away land called Salamandar Mountain.  This planet is where the Elar’s live.

These fuzzy little critters love to have fun and play. 

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"My rocket was a rainbow and when I went past the clouds it turned blue, when I went past the trees it turned green. My rocket was full of magic." Samual Age 7

"When the Elar's wanted to play they took me to a giant playground, everything was so tall. It was loads of fun". Johnathon Age 9

My Secret Garden

Time: 8.52 min
Date - 10 September 2010

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The Secret Garden is a Kids meditation that allows the children to go to a place where they paint a picture using magical paint.

It is a calming place where they can learn to be still.

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“I was amazed that my 4 year old stayed and was quite through the whole meditation” mother of 2 children

“My picture came alive when I painted it” Tina aged 7

“This Kids meditation was so relaxing I use it myself, thanks” Sarah Mother of 4 Sydney

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