Epona Yoga T-Shirt Transfers

Welcome to the Epona Yoga T Shirt Transfer page for where you can download your own Kids Yoga TShirt Transfer.

Over the next few days we will be uploading all of your favourite Characters so you can download them and transfer them on your own t-shirts, towels or whatever you like.

If you would like one personalised please send us the details here.

What you need

Download your favourite character or picture.
An ink jet printer
Cannon TR-301 T-Shirt Transfers (There may be others on the market these are the ones I have used)
A pack of 10 cost approx $26 and I can get two transfers per sheet

Remember - when you print you will need to change your print settings to T-Shirt Transfer. Each printer is different so please check otherwise it does not transfer well.

When you iron them you need to be careful not to burn it I found as the transfer was small it did not take that much heat.



Rafferty Rooster

Mali Monkey

Sunni Sunflower

Tula Turtle


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These characters and logos are owned, trademarked and copy write protected by Epona Yoga. Illegal or immoral use of these pictures will incur legal penalties.

If you have any questions in relation to the use of these characters or logo's please contact Debra on +61 401 698 588.