Epona Yoga Celebrates our Stars

Welcome to our page dedicated to children who love yoga.

Children love to share their stories and we take the time to honour them.

This month we honour and welcome

Oliver and Jacob Lesnie
Age 3

Leeanne, the boys mother, says they love the yoga.

They put it on and choose their favourite character of the day.  We each have a mat and follow the story.

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My name is Trae, I am 11 years old.
I go to Northam Primary School. I like fishing, yoga and skateboarding
And I like playing games on my DS.
I like yoga because it makes me happy
My favourite yoga pose is the crow
I also like tree pose, it is good for balance
I like fireman’s breath because it makes my head feel clear
and I like child’s pose because it makes me feel calm and relaxed.

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