Tula is a female and she is innocent. She likes to learn. She is light hearted fun spirited and always willing to try new things. She features on the Epona Yoga mat and in the Epona Yoga DVD in a series of poses that will help you increase the flexibility of your spine.

Tula's Day in the Bay!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Tula had been curled up in her shell for a big sleep. She was woken by the soft sound washing up on the beach mixed with the pitter patter of soft rain. Tula opened her eyes and decided that it really wasn’t a great day to stay o the beach. She stretched her head out from her shell and then her legs and had a big stretch. She rolled her neck this way and that and sighed.

Everything was wet, except the sand where she had made a little nest for the night. Tula sighed once more as she made her way to the water’s edge, it was cool and fresh and the water felt good to Tula so she swam out into the deeper water and splashed around.

Tula saw lots of little fish as a school swam past and some of them came up to her and tickled against her skin, she saw snails on the sandy bottom of the bay and she even saw some jelly fish as they progressed along the shore.

There were seagulls in the sky and a pelican with his big beak was swimming along the shore waiting for the fishing boats to come in.

Everything felt just right, this was how Tula expected her home to be. Nice and clean and healthy.

The fishing boats started to come in and there were more seagulls following the boat, they looked like they were hovering in the sky effortlessly. Tula liked to watch the gulls and imagine that she could fly.

The boats tied up on the wharf and the men unloaded the fish, some they threw back into the water and the gulls dove for them looking for a free feed.  Some they threw further out to Tula who caught one and ate it for breakfast. Some they kept to feed the people.

Tula tired of watching and went for a big swim she needed the exercise to stretch out the kinks from her long sleep.

Tula know that she needs to be active and there are lots of ways to get her exercise, sometimes she does her yoga, sometimes she swims, sometimes she plays chasings with her friends.  Tomorrow Tula is meeting her friend Mali and they are doing yoga together so today Tula is swimming to stay fit and healthy.

Tula swam past a plastic bag floating in the water, she was scared by it at first because she had thought it was a jelly fish and might have eaten it. Turtles love jelly fish for a quick healthy snack. Tula pulled the nasty plastic bag out of the water and when she got back to shore she put it in the bin. Plastic bags and balloons had hurt Tula’s turtle friends in the past and she doesn’t like to see them floating in the water where the turtles all like to play.

A little girl watched as Tula put the plastic bag in the bin “why are you doing that?” she asked.

“Plastic bags and balloons and other rubbish in the water kill turtles, and other sea creatures. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our water clean and our wildlife safe” she replied.

The little girl saw some more rubbish and picked it up and put it in the bin while she said “I hope that helps keep the animals all safe”.

Tula thanked her and went back into the water safe to swim another day.

Tula and the Turtles

Friday, January 06, 2012

The Turtles all swam into Tula's bay to rest. There were 12 Turtles in all at Tula's Bay.

They had been out in the Ocean and needed a rest and were looking forward to seeing their friend Tula.

Tula helped them get comfortable on the sand. They had swum a very long way to visit Tula and were happy to see her looking so happy and well.

The Turtles knew that Tula has lots of friends in her bay and were happy for her, but they really liked to swim in the currents and travel the coast while Tula preferred to stay in her safe bay.

Tula introduced the turtles to her friend Sun and they talked and played together. The turtles joined Tula as she finished the day with her Yoga. Sun thought it looked wonderful to see so many Turtles together doing the same yoga poses together.

You can do the poses with your friends and Tula using the Epona Yoga DVD

Tula's Trip to the Reef

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tula was going out to the reef today, she wanted to see all the beautiful coral and fish that live outside her bay again.

Tula swam a long way to get to the reef and was happy to see lots of beautiful coloured fish, bright coral and lots of other creatures.

The swim had made Tula feel good she liked to stretch her legs and stricke out towards a goal.

While Tula was at the reef she floated on her back, she floated on her tummy and she blew bubbles into the water. Tula is a great swimmer and she thinks that all children should learn to swim to help them stay cool and fit!

Swimming is just one way Tula stays fit and strong, she practices yoga daily and walks on the beach. What do you do to stay fit? Can you do a boat pose like Tula? you can learn how to stay fit with the fun Epona Yoga DVD and Book

Send Tula a picture of you getting fit and she'll try out your idea.

Splash Down with Tula

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Tula was excited she knew lots of school children were coming to her beach today. She was getting ready to have some fun with them.

Tula knew the children's teacher and she was bringing the children to the beach to make sand angels and to do some exercises.

When the bus stopped Tula could barely contain her excitement!

The children piled off and ran onto the warm sand by the sparkling blue water. They collected sea shells and looked at the seaweed and they didn't even see Tula who was hiding just under the surface of the sea.

"What was that?" wondered the children who were examining a little crab when they felt a splash of water, but when they looked around they could see nothing, because Tula was hiding once again.

They turned back to their activities with the teacher who had them all lie in a row and wave their arms and legs in the soft sand to make a print. They closed their eyes and there it was again splash they were quite wet now - there was no imaging it! Tula couldn't sto herself from laughing and the children saw her in the sea.

The teacher Mrs Smith called to Tula and asked her to come ashore and show the children a special relaxing yoga pose - can you guess which one Tula chose?

Of Course Tula showed the children the boat pose.

Yoga on the Beach

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tula hadn’t seen her friends the dolphins for a long time. She was sunning herself on the beach and thinking about the last time she had played with them.

Tula sighed and thought about what she should do today. She was feeling a bit sleepy and sluggish and rather lazy. Perhaps I should do some exercises she thought. It will make me feel happy and fit.

So Tula went down the beach to a spot where the sand was flat and spread out her Epona Yoga Mat and copied the poses on the mat. She was careful to move slowly from one pose to the next and sat in the boat pose for a s long as she could. When Tula had finished she felt much better and decided to go out into the water and find her friends the dolphins.

You can get your own Epona Yoga Mat at www.eponayoga.com The mat is designed to give children an immediate reference point that they can access as they position themselves in yoga poses. Making it easier for them to achieve their goals.

Tula Swimming with the Penguins

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It was a windy day out on the Bay and Tula was enjoying the way the water was splashing and lapping at her shell. I made her feel very alive to be out swimming with her friends the penguins and chasing the little baby fish in the shallows.

Tula loves to swim but it is always more fun to swim with her friends. Sometimes she swims with the penguins, sometimes with the dolphins and sometimes with the very big whales that stop by to visit. She enjoys chasing the fish and sometimes she pops up next to boats where people are fishing and surprises the fishermen.

“ It’s fun to swim and splash and play, isn’t it?” Tula asked the Little Penguins.

“Oh yes we love to splash around and dive deep below the surface and pop up next to people. Sometimes they don’t see us because we are so small but when they do they are always happy to see us playing” replied the littlest of the penguins.

Every day Tula makes sure she swims and stretches and stays active. She knows it is important to exercise to be fit and happy and she enjoys playing with all the animals in her bay.

Tula usually does some yoga everyday to stretch before she goes out to play. You can learn these Tula’s favourite poses using the Epona Yoga, Yoga Mat, DVD and Book.  Visit www.eponayoga.com to order yours today.

Making Castles in the Sand

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tula and Mali were at the beach together and they decided to make some sand castles.

They dug a big hole in the soft white sand and then they piled up a mountain in the middle.

Tula used a sea shell to get water to fill a moat around the mountain of sand in the middle. Then they got lots of shells and seaweed and decorated the castle they even made some turrets and a bridge over the moat.

It looks great Tula said Mali.

"Yes we are rather good builders don't you think" giggled Tula as she brushed the sand off her flippers.

Tula raced Mali into the water where they washed off all the sand and cooled down.

"Let's play tip" said Mali.

So they raced around the beach laughing and having fun Tula was chasing Mali when Mali fell into the moat and squashed the sandcastle.

"So much for our great building skills" said Mali as she looked at what was left of the castle.

Tula in the sponge garden

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tula was splashing round at the beach when she decided it was time that she visited the underwater sponge garden.

The garden was really pretty and the sponges felt lovely and soft. Tula uses one every night to wash her face before she goes to sleep.

Tula used her flippers to glide through the water and arrived very quickly at the underwater garden. It was just as she remembered it. Lush and filled with different sized and shaped sponges. Tula took one for herself and one for Sunni who she thought might like to try one, and swam back to the beach.

"I'll visit Sunni tomorrow and give hime the sponge she thought as she washed her face and cleaned her teeth before going off to her bed.

Tula Splashes Out

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tula was down by the beach splashing around in the shallow water when a very fast boat went past her towing a water skier. The water skier splashed up lots of water which sparkled in the sunlight as it fell back down to the water. It really looked like a lot of fun to Tula.

Tula floated in the water thinking about how slow and steady she was when she moved, not fast and flashy like the water skier behind the speed boat. She dreamed about one day having a try at water skiing, but thought she would have trouble getting her flippers into the boots on the water skis.

"Oh well" thought Tula "never mind - I will just have to stay here and splash around and chase the baby jelly fish today...." Tula flipped over and dove under the water to chase the jelly fish. It was fun, Tula giggled as she chased the jelly fish making lots of bubbles go through the water to the surface.

Even Tula can't swim underwater without coming up for air and when she did she gave herself and the water skier a big fright - she came up right next to him as he fell off his skis.

"Are you alright?" asked Tula

"Yes I think so" he replied.

"Is it as much fun as it looks?" asked Tula.

"Oh yes it is great - you feel like the wind" he said.

"I'd love to try but I don't think my flippers will fit in your skis" said Tula.

"No they wouldn't, but wait a minute, your shell is hard isn't it?" he asked

"Oh yes my shell is tough and very, very hard" said Tula as the boat came round to pick up the skier.

"Why don't you try to ski on your back, I'll help you, It'll be fun he said.

"Oh could we" exclaimed Tula "That would be fun!"

So the boat picked up Tula and the skier with Tula holding on tight to the rope and balancing on her shell with the skier holding on behind her. The boat picked up speed and soon Tula was skimming across the top of the water with a beautiful wake of shimmering water flinging into the air.  Tula went around in a big circle with the skier and then they let go of the rope.

Tula knew that it had been one of the fastest things she had ever done. It was also on of the most fun things she had ever tried.

"Thank you so much said Tula to the skier. "Now I know I can try almost anything that I want to..."

"Bye Bye Tula" said the skier.

"Bye and thanks again" replied Tula as she swam back to the beach to dream about her next adventure.

Tula Tries and Tries

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tula could see a vine hanging down from one of the palm trees and she stretched up high on her tip toes to reach it... She tried and tried to reach the vine as she thought it would make a great skipping rope. Tula jumped and reached and tried everything she could think of but she couldn't reach it.

Tula tried to climb the tree but she was too heavy to pull herself up. I know, thought Tula. I'll get Malie and she can get it down for me.

So Tula set off throught the park and over the hills until she reached the jungle where Mali lived.

“Mali, Mali” called Tula. But Mali didn't come.

“Do you know where Mali is Mr Sun” asked Tula.

“I think she is at the farmyard with Rafferty” said Mr Sun.

“I'll go there then -I've come this far and I really want that vine down” replied Tula.

“Good luck” said Mr Sun.

Tula ran over to the farmyard and found Mali and Rafferty behind the barn. They were practising their Epona Yoga. Mali was showing Rafferty how to do a Monkey Squat. Tula thought Rafferty looked quite funny trying to do that pose and showed off how nicely she could do it even ith her shell!

“Ï've been everywhere looking for you Mali, can you please help me get a vine down from one of my palm trees, I'd like to use it as a skipping rope?” Tula said all in a rush.

“Sure thing” replied Mali, “are you coming Rafferty?”

“Yes, I'd like to” said Rafferty.

So they all walked back to the beach. When theyy got there Mali climbed the tree so easily that it made Tula a bit jelous, Ï wish I coould cclimb like you Mali” said Tula.

“Never mind Tula, the vine is down and we can start skipping now” said Rafferty.

Rafferty and Mali held the rope and Tula took the first turn at skipping. They had lots of fun and laughs as they jumped over the rope and tripped.