Sunni is about inner wonder and gratitude. He is bright, joyous and nurturing looking after the seedlings. His series of yoga poses shown on the Epona Yoga mat is also known as the sun salutations. You can meet Sunni and his friends when you watch the Epona Yoga DVD.

A Sunny Day for Sunni and Tula

Friday, January 13, 2012

It was another bright Sunny Day and Sunni was happy, he loves the sun to shine on his bright yellow petals!

He tended his seedlings and gave them lots of water because on a sunny day they can dehydrate just like you if you don't drink enough water. Sunni made sure the seedlings drank water throughout the day as he sprinkled them with his watering can.

Tula was splashing in the bay in the sun and wasn't about to get out of the cool water which she needs to stay refreshed too. Sunni visited Tula at the Bay but wouldn't swim with Tula because he doesn't like salt water, Sunni needs fresh water to refresh hm from the heat of the sun. Sunni sat under a palm in the shade during the hottest part of the day so that his petals wouldn't wilt.

At the end of the day Sunni had a very big drink of extra water to make him feel well and he stretched and saluted the sun as it set over the bay with Tula watching on.

Sunni Salutes

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sunni has a very good habit. Every morning he gets up and stretches, he reaches up high with both arms above his head, he stretches down low and then lies down and then stretches up his face to the sun. Sunni calls this a Salute to the Sun.

Mr Sun likes Sunni's Salute and shines his bright rays down on him, giving him lots of glowing light that helps make Sunnis gardens grow.

Sunni shows children who come to the park how to Salute the Sun and they join in. it makes them feel good inside and out. When Mr Sun sees the children saluting him he shines especially bright.

You can learn how to Salute the Sun with Sunni too on the Epona Yoga DVD

Sunni's Kids Christmas Party

Friday, December 02, 2011

Sunni was very excited! The children were coming to the park for a Christmas party. Sunni, Rafferty, Tula and Mali had all been saving up all year to get Susie, Bob and Jo a special presents for Christmas and he couldn't wait until they all unwrapped their gifts.

 Bob, Jo and Susie arrived at the park at the same time as Mali, Rafferty, and Tula who were joining Sunni  for a party in the park.

The sun was shining, Sunni had laid out all the food on the picnic table, there were fruit torpedo's, popcorn and Mali had brought some mango slurpies, Rafferty brought some of the Farmers wifes beautiful cookies, and Tula brought some fresh cooked prawns, it was quite a feast!

The children played party games with Sunni and the gang and then sat down to a enjoy their Christmas feast. It was very yummy! They had Christmas Crackers and then it was time for presents.

Bob, Jo and Susie gave Sunni some seeds to grow more flowers, they gave Mali a skipping rope, and Rafferty a worm farm to add to the farmyard, and to Tula they gave a lovely garland of flowers necklace that she could wear while she was swimming.

Sunni, Mali, Tula and Rafferty got their gifts out for the Children, they were big and very special, as they unwrapped their gifts the children found that they had a Yoga Mat with instructions and a DVD so they could do yoga with Sunni and the gang everyday! Susie's mat was Pink, Bob's was Blue and Jo's was bright yellow.

Rafferty lead the children through a series of yoga poses and Bob made a great effort on the Warrior Pose!

You can look at the Yoga mats and DVD that the children got for Christmas here

Picnic at the Park

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sunni was excited.

Rafferty was excited.

Tula was excited and mali was too!

They were all meeting at Sunni's park for a picnic today!

Tula packed a picnic hamper with sandwiches and healthy snacks. Mali brought her ball and some juice, Rafferty brought the chicks along and Sunni was organising some activities for everyone to join in.

Sunni had the chicks line up and they held a running race with Mali and Tula. - Mali won which was no surprise and she pranced around in the gardens singing "i Won, I Won!".

Sunni and Tula unpacked the hamper and everyone ate the sandwiches and the lovely fruit and nuts that Tula had packed and the chicks scratched in the garden beds and grabbed a few extra grubs too!

It was a great day out for the four friends and Sunni, Tula, Rafferty and Mali decided to have another picnic soon where they could have a great time together.

Before they left the park Sunni led the friends through his favorite exercise Salute the Sun. You can learn more abou this at

Sunni at the Farm

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunni was happy as he skipped through the park on his way to the farmyard. Sunni hadn't visited the farm in a while and was looking forward to seeing Rafferty.

Sunni was taking a present to the farmers wife of some baby sunflower seedlings to brighten up her garden and Sunni was hoping that the farms wife would have some seeds for him to plant.

It was nice thought Sunni the farmers wife gives me seeds for my home and I give her baby plants for her garden.

Sunni arrived at the farmyard to find Rafferty the Rooster sitting on the fence "Hello Rafferty" called Sunni.

"Hi Sunni, how are you asked Rafferty?"

"All good, I have some plants for the farmers garden and wondered if the farmers wife might have some more seeds for me to grow?" said Sunni.

"I'm not sure but let's find out said Rafferty.

So the two friends went to the house and saw the farmers wife who gave Sunni more seeds and thanked Sunni for his generous gift of the baby Sun Flowers for her garden.

Spring is Sprung

Monday, September 19, 2011

It was finally spring again and Sunni was excited. Sunni loves spring!

He loves it when all the flowers pop up and show their faces to the world and when the air is fresh and warm.

Sunni was enjoying the beautiful spring day in the park under the big tree when he looked up and saw Mr Sun smiling down on him.

"Hello There Mr Sun, thank you for the beautiful spring day you have made for me today" said Sunni.

"You're welcome Sunni, I love making beautiful warm spring days for all the flowers and the girls and boys. Do you think some children will visit you in the park today?" asked Mr Sun.

" I'm sure they will - the boys and girls have been coming to see me now that it's nice outside and we have been playing and exercising together every sunny day" replied Sunni.

"That's wonderful, it is very good to see so many boys and girls coming outside and playing in my sunbeams which are full of Vitamin D to help them grow strong" replied Mr Sun.

"Yes I know that without sunlight I won't be strong and grow tall and the boys and girls know it too - they are doing exercises with me stretching and reach tall and then relaxing our top halves so that our arms reach the ground and our heads gently fall near our straight knees, it feels funny and a bit floppy but we like that one".

"Sounds fun Sunni I can't do it with you but I will give you and the boys and girls lots of lovely warm sunbeams so that you can have a fun day". said Mr Sun.

Sunni's Happy Day

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunni woke up in the morning and stretched up as tall as he could. He felt fit and happy. It was a beautiful day. The sun was sunning and there were lovely little white clouds in the sky. There was a lovely light breeze and all Sunni's little flowers petals were dancing in the breeze.

Sunni was just happy to be. He ran from one end of the park to the other and saw all the beautiful plants dancing in the breeze.

"What a wonderful world we live in." thought Sunni.

Sunni could see all the way through the hills to the farm and he ecided that on the next beautiful day he would take some of his flowers to Rafferty and the Chicks.

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Sunni's Rainy Day

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunny days  were Sunni’s favourite thing but today there were rain drops splashing on his petals, Sunni knew that he needed the rain and that it was good for his seedlings which needed it to grow big and strong, but Sunni preferred the warmth of the suns rays.

Today he decided to take a walk in the rain and find something special about the rain that he could enjoy as much as he did the warm rays of Mr Sun.

Walking through the park Sunni realised that the rain made the earth moist and soft so that he could grow his seedlings.

It made the tree grow so he could have shelter and it made his petals shine.

Sunni looked up and thought that even though the sky wasn’t blue it was still beautiful when it rained. He had enjoyed his walk and he really did enjoy the rain.

On a rainy day you can try some of the epona yoga activities like our colouring in sheets visit the funstuff section of

A Sunny Winters day

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunni was in his park on a beautiful winters day.  The sky was blue, there were soft white fluffy clouds in the sky, the earth was slightly damp beneath his feet and the sun was warm on his bright yellow petals. Sunni looked up at the sky and saw Mr Sun shining brightly.

“It’s a lovely day Mr Sun, thank you for shining so brightly and warming my petals” said Sunni.

“You’re welcome Sunni you look very bright and happy, I like to see you in the sunlight” replied Mr Sun.

Sunni reached up towards Mr Sun and said “Mr Sun I’d love to give you a hug for the lovely day that you have given me but I can’t reach and I think you would be too warm for my petals! But I will give you my special salute for this lovely day. “

Sunni slowly and gracefully went through the salutation of the sun, yoga poses.

“Thanks Sunni that was beautiful” said Mr Sun.

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Sunni's Seedlings

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunni was very sad someone had trampled all over his little seedlings. He didn't know if they would grow at all anymore. They were squashed and trampled into the earth.

Sunni's face was so sad that Mr Sun asked him "what's wrong Sunni you look very sad".

"I am, my seedlings have all been trampled and I don't know if they will grow anymore" he replied.

"Perhaps I can help with a special kiss of sunshine after you give them a special water" replied Mr Sun.

"That might help" said Sunni.

"You could even get some seaweed from Tula's beach and put it on the garden bed and that will really help them grow." said Mr Sun.

"What a great idea said Sunni, I'll get some now, and when I come back you can please give my seedlings a special kiss of sunshine to help them?" Sunni asked in a pleading  voice.

"Of course I will Sunni" said Mr Sun.

So off went Sunni to collect the seaweed at Tula's beach. When he arrived he told Tula what had happened so she helped him gather some seaweed and carry it back to his garden. They spread it out together and then watered the seedlings carefully.

"Mr Sun we are ready, can you please give my seedlings a special kiss of sunshine to help them grow" called Sunni.

Mr Sun reached down with a special ray of sun that left a faint rainbow over the seedlings for the rest of the day.

"Thank you so much Mr Sun I will check them in the morning and I am sure they will grow with the extra help we have given them now! Thank you too Tula for all your help" said Sunni.

"That's all right Sunni I was happy to help, but I'd better get back to the water now as I am getting very dry." said Tula as she waved and left the park.