Mali is a cheeky girl, a good friend, and she likes to have fun. She likes to play games of hide and seek. You can see Mali on the Epona Yoga mat and in the Epona Yoga DVD in a series of poses that will help you balances blood sugar levels and the right and left hemisphere of the brain.

Mali the Magnificent

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mali loved to show off today she was going to see Tula as they had planned to do yoga together today.  Mali couldn’t wait to show Tula how she had learnt a new pose.

Mali had visited Rafferty at the farm and had learnt the warrior pose. Mali thought she looked Magnificent in the pose and knew Tula would wobble around trying to do what Mali could without a single wobble. Mali was even wearing a cape like a super hero to make her look even more magnificent as a warrior as she posed.

Mali had brought a yoga mat with her that showed Tula the pose to make it easier – Mali wanted to teach Tula and she knew that seeing the pose would help.

Down to the beach went Mali carrying her yoga mats and there was Tula waiting to have fun with Mali who was one of her special friends.

“Hello Mali” cried Tula as she waved to her friend.

“Hey Tula wait til you see what I can do now!” called back Mali.

Tula was excited and together with Mali they setup for their yoga in the shade out of the hot sun.

“You’re all dressed up Mali, I like your cape, wait here and I’ll go and get my dress ups too” said Tula.

Tula scuttled off to her tidy nest and came back with a dress up costume that made her look like the queen of the sea. She had a lovely circlet on her head with pearls and shells, a shiny cape that was flecked with blue, green and sliver and moved like the sea in the soft breeze and she even had a trident which was covered in glossy shells and mother of pearl.

“Oh Tula you look beautiful, I love your dress ups – maybe we’ll have to play dress ups again another day!” Exclaimed Mali.

Tula bowed low to Mali like someone bows to a king or queens and giggled as she replied  “you are correct, I am beautiful as well as being smart!”

Mali and Tula giggled together they knew  that it is what’s on the inside that is important!

Mali rolled out her yoga mat for Tula and started to stretch and Tula joined in and then Mali went through the steps to get into the Warrior pose as Rafferty the Roster has shown her. She was elegant and still and her cape fell gracefully around her nimble limbs.

 Tula tried to copy Mali and she did wibble and wobble a bit as she went through the steps and in the end cheated using her trident to hold herself up.

The two friends stayed and did yoga together for a while before they went off to play another game.

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Mali's Balancing Act

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mali was going to perform at the school concert for all the children. She was very excited and was practicing every day.

Mali was going to walk on a balancing beam and then do some yoga standing very high on the beam.

Mali is good at Balancing. Are you?

Mali got good at balancing by practicing all the time! She walks on thin lines on the paving and tries to keep her feet straight, she walks on logs in the forest and in the park and she plays on the equipment in the park too. This all helps her balance. Mali uses yoga to balance too. She has some set poses which she uses everyday and each times she does them her balance is better.

On the day of the performance Mali practiced her act, and when it was her turn Mali walked on the beam and then stood very still and gracefully moved through a series of yoga poses standing on one foot with her other foot on her knee and hands together above her head Mali know she looked lovely and the children clapped her performance.

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Monkeying Around

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Mali loves to Monkey Around, She likes to dance and play and be a little bit naughty.

Monkeying around is fun and it helps keep Mali fit and strong. She skips through the trees, she pops up behind people and makes them laugh and Mali loves hanging upside down.

Mali skipped down to the park and hid in the big tree, she hung herself upside down right over the top of where Sunni was standing in the garden.

Mali was very quiet and Sunni didn't know she was there! Mali waited and waited - it was hard for her to stay so still!

Then when Sunni was concentrating on his garden out popped Mali right in front of him, hanging just by her tail "Boo" squealed Mali.

Sunni stepped back and laughed with Mali, she had really surprised him, but Sunni likes surprises so they were happy friends together.

Making Mischief With Mali

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Mali wanted to get into mischief!

She thought long and hard about how she could be mischevious and not hurt anyone but have loads of fun. Mali didn't want anyone to get hurt or be sad but she did like to be a bit naughty!

Mali decided to pop over to the beach and make some mischief there.

There had been lots of people at Tula's Beach and they had been writing down what animals had left tracks in the sand. Mali decided to swing down low over the beach from the palm trees and drag a stick through the sand making it look like a big snake had been on the beach.

The people came and saw the track that Mali had made and shook their heads - what animal track was this -  it didn't match anything!

Mali sat in the palm and giggled as the people scratched their heads.

Tula had been watching and as the people walked away she called out to Mali "You're the biggest mischief maker Mali!".

"I know said mali but it is fun to play tricks and get into a bit of harmless fun isn't it!" she replied.

The two friends went for a walk along the beach and left real animal tracks in the sand for the people to study - what would they make of that a monkey and a turtle together!

Mali and the Balancing Act

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mali was sitting in the fork of the tree in the forest where she could see everything that was happening. She could see the vines looping from tree to tree that she loved to swing on, she could see the ants crawling up the trunk of the tree like a line of soldiers, she could see the sun shining through the leaves of the tree and she could see the baby monkeys with the mothers, cuddling and grooming each other.

Mali likes to watch everything around her quietly, and then sprint into action and make some mischief.

Mali waited til all the monkeys weren't looking and leapt from her quiet spot onto the longest vine and swung as hard as she could down from the top of the tree, down further towards the forest floor where the baby moneys were all but asleep as she whooshed pasted the baby monkeys Mali called out in her loudest voice "wake up little ones and come and play with me!"

The baby monkeys stirred in their mothers arms and scampered off to play with Mali.

mali was teaching them how to balance, standing on one leg, first she slowly lifted her leg up so that her foot was on her opposite knee and then she raised her arms above her head.

Some of the baby monkeys copied Mali and the very littlest monkey that had a tiny white patch on top of her head,  stood next to Mali and as she wibbled and wobbled trying to copy Mali balancing on one leg fell onto Mali and all the monkeys who had been trying so hard to balance fell down.

Mali and all the monkeys giggled and laughed and decided that they'd try the Balancing Act again every day til they could do it.

Magical Mali

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mali was out and about with her friends and they saw a lovely rainbow in the sky.

"Look at the magical rainbow!" called out Mali to her friends.

"I bet if we make a wish on it and follow it to the end we'll find a pot of gold!" she cried.

"Yes, Yes Let's go!" they all said.

So off ran all the monkeys chasing the end of the rainbow.

"will there be a elf?" asked Mali.

"Will there be a fairy?" asked Sami

"There'll be a leprecaun!!!" squealed Lulu

They chased along the pathway following the rainbow for ages. but they didn't appear to be getting any closer.

"Faster, faster" called Mali "we can get there" she puffed.

Although they ran and ran and checked the rainbow all the way they couldn't seem to get to the end.

And then they watched as the magical rainbow faded away.

Hide and Seek in the Park

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Magnificent Mali was swinging through the jungle on the vines that hung between the trees she loved to swing high in the trees it made her feel very happy to feel the breeze on her face and the little lurch in her stomach as she swung down and then up again. Mali’s friends were also swinging through the forest they all met in the middle of the forest and were having fun and laughing. They could look down and see the other animals running and having fun as well.

Mali loved to have fun in the forest with her friends and would spend every day just hanging out in the tree tops if she could but Mali knew that she needed to do more to be fit and healthy and she and her monkey friends planned to visit Sunni in the park the very next day.

It was a long walk to the park from the forest and the monkeys all chattered played on their way to the park. They were looking forward to seeing Sunni – it had been a while since they had visited and they were looking forward to playing hide and seek in the park, where it was easier to chatch each other.

Mali saw Sunni first and sung out “Hello there Sunni”.

“Hi Mali, how’s it going?” asked Sunni.

“Really good Sunni, we are here for a visit and to play hide and seek, want to join in? Bet you won’t find me” teased Mali.

“Sounds like fun, how about I start as in” said Sunni and he turned his back and started counting.

All the monkeys slinked off to find hiding spaces, one climbed Sunni’s big tree, another hid in his flower bed and when Sunni finished counting there wasn’t a Monkey to be seen.

“Coming ready or not” called Sunni.

Sunni started looking around the park for the monkeys, he guessed that they would be hard to find and he looked behind his big tree, and down behind the rocks but he couldn’t see a monkey.

He looked behind the play equipment in and around the Barbeque area but still couldn’t find any monkeys. Then as he was about to give up he heard a giggle high above him and Sunni saw Mali hanging from his tree by her tail.

“That’s not fair Mali you know I can’t climb the tree!” said Sunni.

“Can’t catch me, Can’t catch me, Can’t catch me” sang Mali. Soon all the monkeys were chanting and Sunni saw one of them in his garden bed tipped him and the game started all over again.

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Monkey Madness

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Everyone was wondering what Mali was up to... She had put up a few signs saying join me for some Monkey Madness.

Rafferty went to the park and asked Sunni "What's this Monkey Madness?"

"I don't know but tit sounds like fun" replied Sunni.

They decided that they would all go and see Mali and find out what her Monkey Madness was all about. When they finally found Mali in the forest she was sitting down quietly - it didn't look like Monkey Madness to Sunni or Rafferty.

"Mali, what's this Monkey Madness" they asked together.

"I'm having a madness day here in the forest full of challenges in balance and climbing in the trees" she said.

"Humm that sounds like fun" said Rafferty.

"Perhaps we should come along" said Sunni.

So Rafferty and Sunni decided to come back to the forest the next day for the Monkey Madness.

When the arrived there were Monkeys going mad all other the place. They were balancing, swinging from their tails and chattering away. Sunni tried to copy Mali she was standing in a monkey Grip which is really rather hard, especially if you are not a monkey!

Rafferty joined in the fun and showed Mali a different pose which she tried, it was the turtle pose. Mali thought it was funny  that Rafferty was showing her a pose that really belonged to Tula.

The Monkey Madness went on for hours and afterwards Sunni and Rafferty both felt very tired and healthy.

Mali's Big Day

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It was a big day for Mali. She had been looking forward to it for a long time. Mali and all her Monkey friends were going to have a party. All the girls went round the forest finding flowers to tuck behind their ears and the boys even had a bath before the party was due to start.

Mali and the other girls had planned the party with lots of dancing and best of all yummy party food. They made yummy fruit smoothies and fruit kebabs and there were even little lolly bags for at the end of the party for everyone to take home.

When it was time to start, Mali put on the music and everyone started to arrive at the clearing in the middle of the forest. Everyone was very happy and excited - they were ready to play and have lots of fun.

First they played a running game where they had to race from one big tree around another and back again. They raced around until they all had to lie down and rest. Mali said to everyone "Let's play Simon Says! I'm it! Simon Says sit like this" said Mali as she put the soles of her feet together and her knees out and then raised her arms above her head and placed her palms together. All the monkeys did it really well.

"Simon say stand like a tree" said Mali as she raised herself up onto her feet and then placed one foot against the inside of her other leg and put her arms into the same position above her head.

"Stand like this" said Mali Only a few of the monkeys tried to stand like Mali was she was on one foot with her other leg up behind her back and holding her foot with her hand - there was a bit of giggling when one of the younger monkeys lost their balance. "I didn't say Simon Says Giggled Mali but there are too many of you to all be in! I choose you she said pointing at the little monkey who had fallen on the ground".

"ummm Simon says clap your hands" he said.

They all clapped.

"Simon says wag your tail like a dog" and they all did even though it looked very funny.

Simon says catch me if you can" he said as he raced off through the trees with all the monkeys chasing behind him. There was lots of giggling when he let himself be caught eating all the fruit kebabs.

Mali had a very big day full of lots of fun and laughter.

Mali Stands Still

Friday, February 05, 2010

For Mali the hardest thing in the whole world seems to be just standing still.

She likes to scamper around, fidget and giggle, not to stay still. But today Mali has promised her mum that she will take time to stand still for a few minutes.

Mali has thought about how she can stop and stand still and decided that the best way is to go somewhere quite. So Mali went to the glade in the middle of the forest where it is quiet and even the air is still. Then she decided to stand still like a tree.

So Mali took a few breaths to still herself and get calm and then she stood quietly with her feet together and shifted all her weight onto one leg and spread her toes to help her balance. Then she lifted her other leg and placed her foot against the inside of her other leg. She kept breathing very gently so that she wouldn't lose her balance and then she lifted her arms above her head and held her hands together.

mali managed to stand like that for a few minutes and then she did it again on the other side using opposite legs. mali decided that she did feel calmer for having stopped and standing still for a while and decided that she would try to stop and stand everyday just like a tree.

Mali knew her mum would be proud of her.