Tula is a female and she is innocent. She likes to learn. She is light hearted fun spirited and always willing to try new things. She features on the Epona Yoga mat and in the Epona Yoga DVD in a series of poses that will help you increase the flexibility of your spine.

Tula Swimming with the Penguins

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It was a windy day out on the Bay and Tula was enjoying the way the water was splashing and lapping at her shell. I made her feel very alive to be out swimming with her friends the penguins and chasing the little baby fish in the shallows.

Tula loves to swim but it is always more fun to swim with her friends. Sometimes she swims with the penguins, sometimes with the dolphins and sometimes with the very big whales that stop by to visit. She enjoys chasing the fish and sometimes she pops up next to boats where people are fishing and surprises the fishermen.

“ It’s fun to swim and splash and play, isn’t it?” Tula asked the Little Penguins.

“Oh yes we love to splash around and dive deep below the surface and pop up next to people. Sometimes they don’t see us because we are so small but when they do they are always happy to see us playing” replied the littlest of the penguins.

Every day Tula makes sure she swims and stretches and stays active. She knows it is important to exercise to be fit and happy and she enjoys playing with all the animals in her bay.

Tula usually does some yoga everyday to stretch before she goes out to play. You can learn these Tula’s favourite poses using the Epona Yoga, Yoga Mat, DVD and Book.  Visit www.eponayoga.com to order yours today.

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