Epona Yoga DVD and Story Book Set

DVD – The DVD runs for over 60 mins. The stories come alive with colourful animation where each character takes you through their own yoga series. Also featured 8 songs created by Educators and Child Psychologists to bring awareness of mind body and spirit to your child.

Story book – The book details each characters stories, meditation and chakra sounds. At the end of each series there is a detailed description for each pose listing the benefits, steps to teach it and any cautions relating to the pose. Great for teachers and parents and can be used as a reference tool.

Please note, bulk orders for school has special pricing so please contact us on the following:

Email: yoga@eponayoga.com or Phone: 0401 698 588

Epona Yoga DVD and Story Book Set


Epona Yoga Mats are available in these colours






Each Epona Yoga mat features Sunni, Tula, Mali and Rafferty in a series of eight poses for children to reference while attempting each pose.

Each series of poses is designed to assist children in gain balance and improve concentration.

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