Camp Quality

28 August 2008

Debra McCormick has been a volunteer with Camp Quality for 16 years and has worked tirelessly with our children and families….we are a support organisation for children with cancer and their families.

Her calm and resourceful approach to her work has resulted in some fantastic outcomes and no matter what we have asked of Deb there has been an impressive outcome. She has worked one on one with children, with family groups and she been a leader organising huge programs in Australia and overseas and her care for those under her wing has been absolute.

Deb’s path has taken her from the corporate world to the most perfect place for her and it is with delight that we see her now able to share her knowledge and expertise as well as her caring and support with many more people.

Through all her learning and now during her practice, Deb still supports our families and also she has used her profession to thank supporters of our charity, currently running workshops with several waves of enthusiastic Star City staff who have worked hard for our families.

We think Deb is an inspiring and accomplished woman and we are grateful that she has come our way.


Janne Hardy
Sydney Manager Camp Quality

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