Tula is a female and she is innocent. She likes to learn. She is light hearted fun spirited and always willing to try new things. She features on the Epona Yoga mat and in the Epona Yoga DVD in a series of poses that will help you increase the flexibility of your spine.

Sunrise and Sunset with Tula

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Everyday Tula watches the Sunrise over the ocean from her home near the beach.

Tula loves to see the water sparkle like jewels as the sun kisses it goodmorning Tula does her Yoga while she watches. Stretching and breathing nicely to keep herself fit.

Tula usually sits quietly and reflects on everything that has happened during the day in the evening as the sun creeps behind the hills.  Tula calls this meditating, she finds a quiet place in her mind and takes deep breaths, calming herself as she watches the sun and listens to the water lap on the shore.

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