Sunni is about inner wonder and gratitude. He is bright, joyous and nurturing looking after the seedlings. His series of yoga poses shown on the Epona Yoga mat is also known as the sun salutations. You can meet Sunni and his friends when you watch the Epona Yoga DVD.

A Sunny Sunni Day for Sunni

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It was a beautiful sunny day in the park. The birds were singing in the trees and the leaves and petals of the flowers moved gently in the light breeze.

Sunni was happy and enjoying a stroll through the park. He was being thankful for the beautiful day, the lovely green grass and the sweet smell of summer in the air. He skipped along, thinking it would be great to share such a lovely day with someone. Just then a little boy kicked his soccer ball to near where Sunni was standing.

"I'll get it Sunni shouted" as he picked up the ball and threw it back to the boy.

"Thanks for that" called the boy, "would you like to play?" he asked.

"Oh yes, I like nothing more than to play" said Sunni.

"Great, I'm Toby" said the boy.

"I'm Sunni" replied Sunni

Toby giggled "that's so you!" he said.

So they played with the ball throwing if back and forth for a while until the boy said "I'm tired, what else can we do Sunni?"

"How about we do some relaxing yoga, I'll show you" so Sunni laid down on the green grass and showed Toby how to do a snake pose. First he lay down very falt, then he put his hands on the ground next to his shoulders, he took a deep breath, smelling the lovely fresh grass and lifted his head then as he breathed out he pushed up slowly just a little bit and then making a big SHHHHH sound he gently rolled back down to the ground.

Tody copied Sunni and the did the Snake several times.

"That felt great Sunni, ready to play kick now?" Toby asked. Off they went together to play kick in the park, until Toby's mother called and said it was time to go home.

"Bye Bye Toby, come play again!" called Sunni as Toby left.

"I will, bye!" called Toby as he left the park holding his mother's hand.

Sunni thought it was the best Sunny day he'd had in a while as he leaned back against the big tree.

Sunni and Rafferty Clean Up

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunni was walking through the park and he was cleaning up. There had been a big wind and there were lots of leaves and branches lying around. Some of his seedlings were bent over and Sunni used the sticks that he found to stake them up so that they could keep growing.

As he went Sunni found lots of puddles, He jumped over some and into others with a big splash as he went. He walked through the park cleaning as he went to the farmyard. When he got there he found Rafferty and the farmyard animals cleaning up after the wind as well.

Rafferty said hello to Sunni and they worked side by side for quite a while.

When they had finished they did some big stretches so that their bodies would feel strong again.

Sunni's Seedlings in Spring

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For weeks and weeks Sunni had been watering his seedlings. Soon it would be spring and Sunni knew that they would grow very fast if they had enough water and sunlight.

"Mr Sun, will you please shine on my seedlings" Sunni would ask everyday.

Everyday Mr Sun would say "Of course I will Sunni".

Sometimes Sunni would hope for rain so that he could save water because it is very precious to the planet. He liked sun showers the best.

As spring came and the seedlings enjoyed the water and the sunshine they started to grow very fast.  Soon they were nearly as tall as Sunni.

They would wave in teh breeze and Sunni would watch over them as they grew and he waited for them to bloom.

Spring has Sprung

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunni was very excited the night before his seedlings had been in bud and were about to bloom. He decided to have a picnic for all his friends in his garden. He called to Mali and she raced around and got Rafferty and Tula to come so that Sunni could prepare.

He spread a checked cloth on the ground in the middle of the blooming seedlings and put lovely picnic treat out for everyone to enjoy.

They all had a lovely day in the middle of the flowers and Sunni was very happy to spend the day with his friends.

Sunni and the sun shower

Thursday, September 10, 2009

As Sunni woke up he could feel cool rain on his face... It was very soft and filtered through the branches and leaves of the huge tree which he slept under every night.

“Good Morning tree”Sunni said “isn't that rain lovely!”Ï bet you are enjoying getting a big drink of fresh water and having your leaves cleaned by the rain drops.”said Sunni.

Sunni knew that the tree wouldn't answer him, it never did but he believed that the tree liked to have him talk to it and Sunni liked to think it made the tree happy to have him live under it.

I think I'll go for a bit of a walk and wash off my petals in the rain too”he said.

So Sunni walked out from under the tree and looked up at the clouds and enjoyed the raindrops falling on his petals. Sunni liked the sunshine best but knew that the rain was good for him and the trees and all the flowers in the park where he lived.

Sunni decided to lie down in the rain. So he stretched out on the wet grass and lay down on his tummy. He stretched his arms out and then pushed his face away from the ground and tilted his head back so that the rain fell onto his petals.

You can learn how to do Sunni's yoga pose the Cobra by doing the Epona Yoga program. You can do it at home using the DVD or with a teacher.

Blue Ribbon Winner

Monday, September 07, 2009

Sunni felt like going exploring so he headed off towards the farmyard. He hadn't seen Rafferty or any of his farmyard friends for a few days and was looking forward to hearing about Rafferty's trip to the show.

Sunni ran through the park to the farmyard he could see Rafferty near the barn.

"Rafferty" he called.

"Hi there Sunni, come to see my Blue Ribbon have you?" Rafferty called out.

"Wow you won!" shouted Sunni.

Rafferty jumped in the air and crowed "Cock-a-doodle-doo", landing neatly into a Monkey Squat that Mali had taught him how to do.

You can learn to do the Monkey Squat like Mali and Rafferty in the Epona Yoga program for kids.

Sunni Enjoys a Sunshower

Monday, August 24, 2009

Even in the most beautiful places the sun doesn't always shine.

 Sunni loves the Sunshine but he also loves the rain. Sunni knows that he needs to drink lots of water to stay fit and healthy and for his petals to look bright, glossy and shinny.

Today had been a funny day. In the morning it had been cool with soft grey clouds but later the sun broke through the clouds. Patches of sunlight had danced on the ground and Sunni had follwed them through the park, making a game of steping into the patches of warm sunlight. But the funniest part of the day was when the rain fell down while the sun shine danced on the ground. Sunni thought it was magical and bent down on his knees and put hs hands together in front of him while he enjoyed the soft rain.

Sunni Transplants Some Seedlings

Friday, June 05, 2009

Sunni needed to make some space in his garden bed so he lifted some of his little seedlings out of the ground and took them to Rafferty at the farmyard.

"Hi Rafferty, would you and Farmer Tim like some Sunflowers around the farmyard?" he asked.

"Oh, yes please, that would really brighten the place up for the chicks! - Would you like me to help you plant them?" asked Rafferty.

"That would be good, said Rafferty.

Rafferty and Sunni dug some holes in the ground and gently put the seedlings in and watered them well.

"That was hard work Rafferty said Sunni. "But it does look good!"

Sunni and Rafferty sat in the shade behind the barn and watched the chicks explore the new additions to the farmyard.

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Sunni in the park

Thursday, June 04, 2009

It was a lovely morning nice and cool with a litle frost on the ground and Sunni was warming up under the warm rays of Mr Sun.

"Ahh that's nice Mr Sun" said Sunni. "Can you please give all my lovely seedlings a nice warm day today so that they will keep growing big and strong?" he asked Mr Sun.

"Of course Sunni, but don't forget that a cool rainy day is just as important for your seedlings to grow big and strong as a lovely bright day" said Mr Sun.

"I know" Mr Sun "and it is fun to jump in the puddles too! said Sunni.

Mr Sun gave a special smile and his beautiful rays filled the park. The seedlings smiled back at him and Sunni sank to his knees and placed his hands together in thanks for the lovely warm sunlight. Sunni was in a Kneeling pose.

The Epona Yoga poses are detailed in the Epona Yoga Adventures of Sunni, Tula, Mali and Rafferty book with complete instructions and the benefits of each pose.  Each pose is illustrated on teh Epona Yoga mat for easy reference. You can buy the mat, book and DVD online.

A Trip to the Seaside

Friday, May 22, 2009

"Hey Tula... Hello" Shouted Sunni as he left the path and walked down onto the beach.

"Hi Sunni, I've been waiting for you all to come and visit me together! you're the first one here" said Tula!

"It will be fun to see everyone together" said Sunni. "I want to learn some new Epona Yoga Moves too" he said.

"Oh yes that would be great, I can show you one of mine while we wait for the others" said Tula.

"Yes please" said Sunni.

So Tula showed Sunni how to do a seated side bend.

First she sat down on the beach, and stretched her legs into a straddle position, then she stretched her back to make her feel nice and tall. Then Tula lifted her arms up towards the Sun and then stretched down to one side reaching with her hand towards her foot. Sunni did ti with her and then they did the same with the opposite leg.

The Epona Yoga poses are detailed in the Epona Yoga Adventures of Sunni, Tula, Mali and Rafferty book with complete instructions and the benefits of each pose.  Each pose is illustrated on teh Epona Yoga mat for easy reference. You can buy the mat, book and DVD online.