Sunni is about inner wonder and gratitude. He is bright, joyous and nurturing looking after the seedlings. His series of yoga poses shown on the Epona Yoga mat is also known as the sun salutations. You can meet Sunni and his friends when you watch the Epona Yoga DVD.

Sunni's Rainy Day

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunny days  were Sunni’s favourite thing but today there were rain drops splashing on his petals, Sunni knew that he needed the rain and that it was good for his seedlings which needed it to grow big and strong, but Sunni preferred the warmth of the suns rays.

Today he decided to take a walk in the rain and find something special about the rain that he could enjoy as much as he did the warm rays of Mr Sun.

Walking through the park Sunni realised that the rain made the earth moist and soft so that he could grow his seedlings.

It made the tree grow so he could have shelter and it made his petals shine.

Sunni looked up and thought that even though the sky wasn’t blue it was still beautiful when it rained. He had enjoyed his walk and he really did enjoy the rain.

On a rainy day you can try some of the epona yoga activities like our colouring in sheets visit the funstuff section of

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