Sunni is about inner wonder and gratitude. He is bright, joyous and nurturing looking after the seedlings. His series of yoga poses shown on the Epona Yoga mat is also known as the sun salutations. You can meet Sunni and his friends when you watch the Epona Yoga DVD.

Sunni's Day Out

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunni had been looking forward to Friday all week because he was planing a big day out. Sunni was going down to the seaside to see his good friend Tula the turtle.

They had planned the day a week ago and knew just what they were going to do. Sunni was going to take a swim with Tula and then refresh himself in the clear stream and then they were planning on building sand castles.

Finally Friday came and Sunni got up and gathered his towel, sunscreen and hat and headed off to the seaside. He skipped along happily eager to see Tula and to take a dip in the sea.

When Sunni arrived at the beach he couldn't see Tula anywhere. But he did see a bucket and spade, a picnic rug and a big picnic basket full of yummy treats.

"Tula, where are you?" Sunni called. But Tula didn't answer.

"Tula, where are you?" Sunni called once more. But Tula still didn't answer.

"Tula, I'm coming to find you" Sunni called. Tula didn't answer but Sunni thought he heard a giggle.

Sunni dropped his things on teh picnic blanket and started to search the shore when from behind him he was splashed. Sunni turned around to see Tula Floating in the sea with a twinkle in her eye.

"Tula, were you hiding from me?" asked Sunni.

"Yes" replied Tula, "I was palying a trick on you and it was fun to see you searching under the palms and around the shore for me when I was hiding in the sea."

"It was funny" said Sunni. "I might come in and join you" he said. So Sunni put his sunscreen on and waded out into the water where he played with Tula chasing baby jellyfish and splashing around.

later when they were tired Sunni refreshed himself in the clear stream and they lay on the picninc blanket and ate the treats inside the basket.

"Oh I am full" said Suni.

"Me too" said Tula. "I think I need a big stretch!" So Tula sat down and stretched in a seated forward bend. "Come on Sunni you can do this too" she said.

"You do it like this "first you sit with you legs out in front then you stretch them to the sides, then you sit up as tall as you can, and bend forward from you hips, sliding you hands straight out forward on the ground in front of you, see doesn't that feel great" said Tula as Sunni got himself into Tula's stretch.

"Yes it does, but I think I am too tired to make sandcastles today so we will have to do it another day, it is late and I should get home" said Sunni.

"OK, we'll do the sandcastles next time" said Tula.

"Bye, Bye" they both said as Sunni left the seaside and headed home to the park.

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