Sunni is about inner wonder and gratitude. He is bright, joyous and nurturing looking after the seedlings. His series of yoga poses shown on the Epona Yoga mat is also known as the sun salutations. You can meet Sunni and his friends when you watch the Epona Yoga DVD.

Spring is Sprung

Monday, September 19, 2011

It was finally spring again and Sunni was excited. Sunni loves spring!

He loves it when all the flowers pop up and show their faces to the world and when the air is fresh and warm.

Sunni was enjoying the beautiful spring day in the park under the big tree when he looked up and saw Mr Sun smiling down on him.

"Hello There Mr Sun, thank you for the beautiful spring day you have made for me today" said Sunni.

"You're welcome Sunni, I love making beautiful warm spring days for all the flowers and the girls and boys. Do you think some children will visit you in the park today?" asked Mr Sun.

" I'm sure they will - the boys and girls have been coming to see me now that it's nice outside and we have been playing and exercising together every sunny day" replied Sunni.

"That's wonderful, it is very good to see so many boys and girls coming outside and playing in my sunbeams which are full of Vitamin D to help them grow strong" replied Mr Sun.

"Yes I know that without sunlight I won't be strong and grow tall and the boys and girls know it too - they are doing exercises with me stretching and reach tall and then relaxing our top halves so that our arms reach the ground and our heads gently fall near our straight knees, it feels funny and a bit floppy but we like that one".

"Sounds fun Sunni I can't do it with you but I will give you and the boys and girls lots of lovely warm sunbeams so that you can have a fun day". said Mr Sun.

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