Sunni is about inner wonder and gratitude. He is bright, joyous and nurturing looking after the seedlings. His series of yoga poses shown on the Epona Yoga mat is also known as the sun salutations. You can meet Sunni and his friends when you watch the Epona Yoga DVD.

A Sunny Sunni Day for Sunni

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It was a beautiful sunny day in the park. The birds were singing in the trees and the leaves and petals of the flowers moved gently in the light breeze.

Sunni was happy and enjoying a stroll through the park. He was being thankful for the beautiful day, the lovely green grass and the sweet smell of summer in the air. He skipped along, thinking it would be great to share such a lovely day with someone. Just then a little boy kicked his soccer ball to near where Sunni was standing.

"I'll get it Sunni shouted" as he picked up the ball and threw it back to the boy.

"Thanks for that" called the boy, "would you like to play?" he asked.

"Oh yes, I like nothing more than to play" said Sunni.

"Great, I'm Toby" said the boy.

"I'm Sunni" replied Sunni

Toby giggled "that's so you!" he said.

So they played with the ball throwing if back and forth for a while until the boy said "I'm tired, what else can we do Sunni?"

"How about we do some relaxing yoga, I'll show you" so Sunni laid down on the green grass and showed Toby how to do a snake pose. First he lay down very falt, then he put his hands on the ground next to his shoulders, he took a deep breath, smelling the lovely fresh grass and lifted his head then as he breathed out he pushed up slowly just a little bit and then making a big SHHHHH sound he gently rolled back down to the ground.

Tody copied Sunni and the did the Snake several times.

"That felt great Sunni, ready to play kick now?" Toby asked. Off they went together to play kick in the park, until Toby's mother called and said it was time to go home.

"Bye Bye Toby, come play again!" called Sunni as Toby left.

"I will, bye!" called Toby as he left the park holding his mother's hand.

Sunni thought it was the best Sunny day he'd had in a while as he leaned back against the big tree.

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