Rafferty is a male and he is a little proud. He has strength of character and body, is organised and a born leader. Rafferty teaches us about co operation and helping out in the Epona Yoga DVD. His poses are easy to see and copy on his Epona Yoga Mat.

Rafferty and the mouse

Friday, October 14, 2011

Rafferty was standing tall and crowing as the dawn broke and he had to wake everyone on the farm with his loud crow. Wake Up one and all he crowed over and over again.

Rafferty looked around the farmyard and could see the pigs were awake, the ducks were paddling on the pond and the chickens were scratching on the ground. He could see the sheep in the field and the cows were waiting for the farmer to milk them - he sighed - job done thought Rafferty as he wandered away from his perch to join the chickens scratching for food.

It was then that Rafferty saw a tiny mouse fast asleep in the hay. Wake Up little mouse he crowed over and over again, the mouse yawned and rolled over and snuggled further into the hay.

Rafferty puffed out his chest and stood as tall as he could and crowed one more time WAKE UP!

The little mouse had been up all night and was very tired but couldn't ignore Rafferty's big crow so he rubbed his eyes and scurried off to find something to eat.

Rafferty was very proud now everyone on the farm was up and doing what they were supposed to do all because he took his job of crowing seriously. He knew if he stood tall and imagined that he could pull himself up by a string attached to the top of his head he would always have good posture.

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