Rafferty is a male and he is a little proud. He has strength of character and body, is organised and a born leader. Rafferty teaches us about co operation and helping out in the Epona Yoga DVD. His poses are easy to see and copy on his Epona Yoga Mat.

Rafferty and the Fly

Monday, February 01, 2010

Rafferty was out in the farmyard scratching around when a big mean fly came buzzing by. No matter where Rafferty went the fly buzzed angrily around his head.

Soon Rafferty got tired of running away from the fly so he assumed the pose of a warrior. He stood up straight and then put one leg out behind him, bending his front leg and making his back very straight. He raised his arms above his head and looked straight at the fly as it buzzed on by.  Rafferty looked very fierce.

"Fly, if you don't stop bothering me I will release the warrior within and squash you" Rafferty said using his best big bad Rooster voice.

The fly saw how powerful Rafferty looked in his warrior pose that he buzzed away and wasn't seen at the farmyard again that day.

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