Rafferty is a male and he is a little proud. He has strength of character and body, is organised and a born leader. Rafferty teaches us about co operation and helping out in the Epona Yoga DVD. His poses are easy to see and copy on his Epona Yoga Mat.

Rafferty Gets Colourful

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It was raining at the farm and the farmers children were bored.

What could Rafferty get them to do to make them smile? Rafferty had a thought, he knew the children had enjoyed doing yoga with him earlier but they wanted to do something different so Rafferty  asked the farmers wife to go online and get some colouring in sheets to print out from the Epona Yoga Fun Stuff Pages

They all got pictures to colour in and they even got some fun recipes to make as well.

Rafferty and the chicks helped the children paint and colour in the pictures of himself, Tula, Mali and Sunni and they had a fun day even though it was a rainy one.

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