Rafferty is a male and he is a little proud. He has strength of character and body, is organised and a born leader. Rafferty teaches us about co operation and helping out in the Epona Yoga DVD. His poses are easy to see and copy on his Epona Yoga Mat.

Piggin Around

Friday, February 19, 2010

It was a wet day at the farmyard and all the paddocks had gone rather muddy.

The cows were in the barn and the chickens weren't even out scratching around.

It was cloudy, cool and not a nice day at all for most of the animals. The pigs thought differently they liked the rain and the mud it made in the bottom of their pens. One of the big mother pigs was covered in mud and scratching herself on the side of the pen when teh fence fell over. That was it the pigs raced out covered in mud and sploshed through the farmyard. They raced over to the chickens and caused Rafferty to fall off his perch when they banged into the walls. The farmers vegetables were all trampled and eaten and Rafferty was covered in mud.

Rafferty thought the pigs had caused enough trouble so he crowed at them and chased them back towards their pen. Rafferty rather thought that he was boss of the yard when the farmer was out and he didn't like the mess the pigs had made at all.

"You lot stay in your pen til the farmer comes and sorts out this mess" said Rafferty. "I won't have you scaring the chickens so there are no eggs tomorrow".

Rafferty sat down under the branches of a big tree with his knees bent and he clasped his hands round the front of his knees, placing his chin on his tummy until the farmer came to fix the mess. Rafferty was sitting comfortably in the pigeon pose when the farmer arrived.

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