Rafferty is a male and he is a little proud. He has strength of character and body, is organised and a born leader. Rafferty teaches us about co operation and helping out in the Epona Yoga DVD. His poses are easy to see and copy on his Epona Yoga Mat.

A Warrior in Charge

Friday, December 09, 2011

Rafferty was in charge of the farmyard. The farmer and his family were away.

It was Rafferty's job to make sure nothing went wrong. he had to make sure all the animals woke up in the morning, that was as easy as crowing! Something Rafferty was very good at.

He had to make sure they all got along. That was when he showed his strength by standing in the pose of a Warrior and looking powerful. None of the animals wanted to upset Rafferty when he was being a Warrior!

Rafferty had learnt how to be a Warrior when he attended at Teach Kids Yoga Class and he loved to do the poses that were shown on the Epona Yoga mats. You can learn to be a Warrior using the Epona Yoga DVD and Book

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