Mali is a cheeky girl, a good friend, and she likes to have fun. She likes to play games of hide and seek. You can see Mali on the Epona Yoga mat and in the Epona Yoga DVD in a series of poses that will help you balances blood sugar levels and the right and left hemisphere of the brain.

Mali Monkeys Around

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It was early in the morning when Mali woke up from her sleep. She had been curled up in her nest, high in the trees when she heard Rafferty crow Cock-a-doodle-doo, Cock-a-doodle-doo he crowed every day. Everyday Mali woke to the sound of Rafferty's crow. It was kind of comforting to know that he was always there, ready to wake Mali so she could enjoy her day.

Mali stretched, rolled her shoulders and yawned loudly. She took her tail and hooked it round the branch above her little nest and started swinging through the trees. Mali giggled and swung from branch to branch, she was heading to her favourite tree, the big old Mango tree on the edge of the forest. Mali loved the lush fruit and the way eating Mangos made her feel. Bursting with life and full of energy.

Arriving at the Mango tree Mali could see that there were other monkeys clambering through its branches, they were all there for a wonderfully healthy breakfast, fresh mangos. Yummy!

"Hello!!!" called Mali.

"Hello" they all cheered back.

Mali grabbed a big juicy mango and delicately ate it, licking the juice off her finger tips. She reached for another just as a mango flew past her. Her little friend Max had thrown an over ripe mango at Mali hoping to make a big mess! mali stopped reaching for the lovely ripe mango and grabbed an over ripe one and threw it back at Max as she called out "heads Max!" All of a sudden all the monkeys in the tree started to throw the over ripe fruit at each other. The squealed and cheered and soon everyone was all sticky with mango.

"Lets go get cleaned up Max" said Mali and they all flawed Mali down to the creak where they washed off the mango and made themselves clean.

"That was fun Max" said Mali "but next time you'd better watch out cause I'm ready for your Monkeying Round!" she exclaimed.

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