Welcoming Rhonda Lefevre
Epona Yoga Facilitator
Rhonda joined our facilitators and since has been teaching with a focus on Children with Special Needs.  Rhonda herself has noticed the benefits of yoga with kids and is loving bringing the Epona Yoga Program to all children. 

Rhonda would love to here from you.  Don't forget to
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My name is Rhonda and I'm an Epona yoga facilitator based in Duncraig, Perth WA.

I've been enjoying Yoga for 15 years. As a mother of three boys with a great deal of energy, I decided to become a children's yoga teacher because I thought, "why wait until your an adult to enjoy the benefits of yoga"!

I have been working in schools for the past 3 years with children who have a range of different disabilities and currently work with children with autism. I hold a weekly classes at school with these children and have loved seeing how much they have enjoyed it and  really benefited from it. Because most of the children I work with find socialising difficult, connecting with the others in the group at yoga has been great for helping to strengthen friendships. learning to trust others and practise their social skills.

I have held classes for children aged from 2 years right through to 16 years of age and have been pleasantly surprised that even the 2 year olds really enjoy it, particularly the laying down peacefully for relaxation at the end of the class!

I am hoping to expand my business  as a yoga facilitator and commence more classes in other schools, daycare centres play groups and birthday parties so more children can start to enjoy the wonderful benefits of yoga.

I will be holding regular school holiday children's yoga workshops at the Subiaco Art centre starting in September / October 2010.

Available also to day care centers and vacation care centers for Yoga Classes out of school hours.

For more information phone Rhonda on 0410043212.


20 Great reasons for kids to do yoga!
!. Develops fine motor skills.
2. Improves physical and mental strength.
3. Increases creativity.
4. Improves blood circulation.
5. Energises the brain and body.
6. Improves the immune system.
7. Releases tension.
8. Aids in improving posture.
9. Increases concentration.
10. Develops listening and comprehension skills.
11. Improves self awareness and wellbeing.
12. Helps you to feel more calm.
13. Builds social skills.
14. Helps to build self esteem.
15. Improves flexibility.
16. Reduces stress and anxiety.
17. Reduces aggression.
18. Reduces the risk of future health problems.
19. Reduces the symptoms of ADHD.
20. Its fun!!!