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Media Coverage

Epona Yoga has continued to be in the media.  Being seen in Sunday Telegraphs Body and Soul Magazine rated as the best yoga mat to purchase.  This was compared to others on the market including leading brands like Rebel. 

If you have not seen our recent coverage click here.  Also on this page you will be able to hear Debra being interviewed about Yoga for Children with Disabilities. 

So what’s new with children and yoga this week? 

Debra is coming to Perth
Epona Yoga Facilitator Training November 2009

Limited Spaces Available

Awareness is growing and has grown over the past few months about the benefits of yoga with children I receive more and more calls requesting Epona Yoga in schools, kindergartens and general communities.  I am unable to service them all therefore by opting to becoming an Epona Yoga Facilitator you too can help share the joy of bringing yoga to children.

The course runs over a 6 day period.

Included in the Epona Yoga Facilitator course is a comprehensive 200+ page manual including in depth exploration of your own personal journey, anatomy and physiology, chakra, pranayama (breathing techniques), asanas, class formats, introducing yoga into schools for all ages, music, chanting, right brain development of children, and more.

Also note Debra is to release a new book on Kids Yoga to be sold on Amazon.com – yours free when you sign up.

For more information – please click here

Debra will also be offering other course, please click here and complete the form tor receive further details. Courses include Reiki, Understanding Crystals and Crystal Healing, "Who are you making responsible for your happiness?", Primordial Sound Meditation plus more.

This month’s article

Do children need to meditate and can they even do it?

Meditation has been around for 1000 of years and comes in many forms, from staring at a candle flame, being mesmerized by something in nature, chanting words etc.

It has only been over the last 40 odd years that meditation practice has move further into western culture originating in the east. 

Meditation is not restricted by age, income or social status.  So yes children can meditate and do!

Meditation has been recommended by doctors, child psychologists, hospitals, schools and so on.

From a scientific perspective it has been shown that meditation creates more balanced orderly brain functioning.  If a child learns meditation they are also learning life skills, for example they learn ways to remain calm in situations of stress and develops a sense of inner happiness, which all know leads to more positive behavior.

One of the benefits of teaching children meditation is they develop a sense of self worth, greater independence and confidence in their everyday life.   This in itself helps children to accept others and feel little if any pressure from others to conform to the status quo.

Meditation taught in schools has been producing great results all around Australia.  Just 5mins of stillness a day has transformed noisy unproductive children into calmer more creative children.  The stillness provides a way for those who meditate to connect in with themselves.  It turns off the outside world for a few moments so we can just be.
And what do children have to say about meditation….

One child whom I taught meditation to a few months ago says she feels that she does not want to yell at her little brother as much, happier and can do more things as she is less tired.  She also says she loves writing her meditations for all the family to do together.

If you would like to know more about meditating with your children or have a comment or question please contact us here Contact Us


Music and Skill Development

In the last newsletter we discussed whether music makes your child smarter, today we will mention a few areas that music can aid in your child’s skill development.

Inclusion of music into a child’s life can improve creativity.   Although not a comprehensive list please read below how on some of the skills that listening to music and taking music lessons help develop in children:

When children learn a musical instrument, even as simple as a triangle it helps the child learn concentration – as they focus their attention on one task.  Often it incorporates all methods of learning – that is watching, listening and doing.


Whether the child is using a wooden spoon and a pot or drum kit practicing musical instruments improves hand-eye coordination.


Researchers acknowledge that certain types of
music can aid relaxation by lowering heart rates and blood pressure.   Children can pick out their own songs for bedtime.  Try this out – ask the child which song they would like to get ready for bed with.  Each night when it is bed time you can play that song, decreasing the arguments around bed time – as the child has already chosen this song to represent bed time.

Learning to play and enjoy music, whether it be playing an instrument, banging on a pot or singing, each will bring joy to your child.  The encouragement you give them as well as their own awareness of achievement increases their sense of self worth.  They also know that using creativity can bring much joy as they learn new skills while having fun.

Your Say

We at Epona Yoga would love to hear what you have to say about our products, our services, questions you may have in relation to kids yoga, experiences you have etc.  We may feature these in our upcoming newsletters.

We would also like to provide a dedicated area in our newsletters recognizing children throughout the world for their contributions whether entrepreneurially or any other gift of inspiration.

Did we miss something?  If you would like us to do an article on a particular subject then please CONTACT US and we will endeavour to put it in our next newsletter.

You can order Epona Yoga products online at www.eponayoga.com there are also some fun things for kids at the site, including free colouring in sheets of Sunni, Tula, Mali and Rafferty. Visit the site today and explore a world which sparks the imaginations of children.

Check out future issues of this newsletter for more yoga activities and fun recipes for kids and informative articles. You can share this newsletter with friends too.

Founder and Epona Yoga Teacher
Debra Mc Cormick

Mats are available in pink, yellow, red, teal and sand.  Each mat comes with a DVD, instruction booklet and is packed in a handy carrybag.

Prices start from only $34.95!

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Epona Yoga Classes

Epona Yoga Classes are running in schools and also outside of schools all around Australia.  Please click  here for a class near you 

If you cannot find a class please contact an Epona Yoga Teacher in your area to see when they are running classes.  

Yoga in Schools

There has been much research done on the benefits of yoga in schools.  We here at Epona Yoga offer Yoga to children via the use of games, asanas (poses), music, breath and meditation.  Yoga has been adopted by many societies both in the eastern and western world.  Yoga means to join or to yoke; yoga is the union of mind body and spirit.  Yoga is not a religion it is a method used by many to help them feel calmer; allow their bodies flexibility and strength.  Yoga is non denominational and also a person’s own journey or experience.  Everyone is able to practice yoga as there is no competition; we celebrate everyone’s unique talents.

“I love yoga because when I leave I am always taller” Sam 12 years old

“I like yoga because I can be me” Jessica 9 years old

“Yoga is good because we get to make up stories” Lucas 6 years old

If you would like yoga introduced in your school please contact the founder Debra Mc Cormick on0401 698 588 or Click here to register your interest.

Yoga for Kids – Asana or Activity

Cloud Meditation

Allow yourself to lie down, tuck your chin into the chest, relax your arms, and allow your feet to just fall to the side. Your eyes are closed, your face is relaxed, and your mouth is quiet.

Imagine that you are looking up into the sky, you see lots and lots of clouds, some are fluffy white, some are small, some are big, and some even have funny shapes. 

Find a cloud that you like the best, imagine that cloud is now floating down to the ground, imagine yourself climbing up on the cloud where you feel nice and cozy, just like when you put your head on a big pillow.  

As the cloud takes you up look at all the colours around you, look at all the other clouds, how funny their shapes are.  It is so nice to feel so light and everything around you being so peaceful.

Slowly your cloud moves through the sky bringing you back down to the ground.  Once your cloud lands softly imagine yourself hoping off the cloud, you notice how you feel so relaxed.

Take in 3 big balloon breaths and blow your cloud back up into the sky. Wriggle your fingers and toes. Stretch all through your body, roll over and sit yourself up.


Fruit Rocket Ships

Summer is here and it is a good time to be eating fruit.  Why not try making a Rocket Ship.  The fruit listed here is optional – feel free to explore other fruits.


1.5cm-thick slice of seedless watermelon, peeled
2 strawberries, washed, hulled
1 small banana, peeled
1.5cm-thick slice of pineapple, peeled cored


Cut watermelon into 4 small triangles. Trim one corner from each triangle. Thread watermelon triangles, long-side down, onto small wooden skewers.

Cut strawberries in half lengthways. Thread, hulled-side down, onto the skewers.

Cut banana in half crossways, then cut each piece in half lengthways. Thread onto the skewers.

Cut pineapple into 4 small triangles. Thread onto the skewers to make the top of each rocket ship.

Character Update

Did you know our characters have their own blogs, check them out and ask us questions

Mali - http://www.eponayoga.com/_blog/mali

Rafferty - http://www.eponayoga.com/_blog

Sunni -

Colouring In Sheets

For all of those who have been asking for updated colour sheets please now find them here

Epona Yoga Fun Stuff

Epona Yoga in Your School, Day Care Centre or Mothers Group

If you have not experienced Epona Yoga why not have Debra come and visit your school for a free 30 minute presentation, Sydney NSW only at this stage. 

Fundraising packages are available for schools and kindergartens, which can assist your school in investing in the program for the benefit of your pupils. Click here to register your interest.


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