Lets meet Emma Mc Pherson
Located in Redlands Brisbane

Emma joined us at Epona Yoga to bring laughter and light to children through Yoga.  Emma shines in every class allowing the kids to bring joy into movement, the skills the learn are timeless and will be held in their memories forever.

Hi, my name is Emma, I am a Epona Yoga Facilitator based in the Redlands, south of Brisbane.

I have been doing Yoga for the past 10 years and found it extremely beneficial especially when I was pregnant with my two children.  As my daughters grew, I noticed that my 2.5 year was copying me in my daily yoga routine every morning and wonder if there was a “kids yoga” available out there.

When I found Epona Yoga, I knew this was the outlet my daughter needed.  I decided to study under Deb and become an Epona Facilitator in 2010.  

My business (My First Yoga) has just started classes in local daycare centers in the Redlands and I am looking forward to expanding my business and introducing all the little “yogis” to the wonderful world of Mali, Sunni, Rafferty and Tuna through the Epona Yoga Program


Class Locations

Daycare Centres Redlands Area
Phone for details - 0437 346 934